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American Made Products for The American Beardsman

Wet Shaving Products or WSP for short is an all American company that’s completely in-house. When I say in-house I’m talking the full monty from research and developing each product to manufacturing and packaging. WSP does it all in small handcrafted batches to ensure a top quality product every time. When I was shaving I used quite a few WSP soaps, aftershave and oils. I really like their products for several reasons. First and foremost they are all American made which is important to me. I think we need more jobs in America. To many times we have businesses relocate to different countries to try and save money. Whether you shave every day or say no to the razor, WSP products are made from all natural ingredients, they do not use any artificial dyes or ingredients that may dry out and irritate your skin. last but not least WSP uses only the finest essential oils when creating each deep and rich scent that are subtle yet long-lasting through out your day. You wont be knocking anyone out with a strong aroma from any one product of WSP, just a pleasant aroma that has a natural smell. Sandalwood actually smells like Sandalwood and not a fake chemical reaction.

When I decided to start growing a beard and saying no to the razor for good, one of the first brands I contacted was WSP. If you are reading this product review and you still shave I will tell you that WSP shaving products are top-notch all the way! Now lets talk about beard care shall we. I received several items in the mail for review, I was so excited to see the long anticipated package from WSP show up on my door step. Lets start from the top and work our way down to the nitty-gritty shall we. I opened the box from WSP and pulled out three 1 oz. bottles of ‘Barbershop’ ‘Black Amber’ & ‘Sandalwood’ beard oil. WSP packages all their oil in the same 1 oz. glass bottles that are small enough to fit in your pocket for traveling or for all day beard care. The orifice reducer located in the neck of the bottle prevents oil from spilling out if or when the bottle gets knocked over. To retrieve the oil out of the bottle you turn it upside down and pat it on the palm of your hand with slight pressure. I think beard oil is a critical aspect of beard care and should be utilized 1-2 times a day. Keeping the whiskers of your beard soft and conditioned is the name of the game and the beard oil from WSP can do exactly that. The only difference between the three beard oils was the fragrance. The Jojoba-Avocado-Apricot Kernel and Grapeseed Oil that are found in each bottle have Antibacterial and Anti-Inflammatory properties, Helps strengthen hair by increased hydration from inside the shaft, Can help with hair growth, Packed with Proteins and Vitamins as well as fatty acids, moisturizes your skin giving it more elasticity, Gives your beard a healthier look, Helps with Dry skin and preventing dandruff, Won’t clog the pores of your skin that lead to breakout, Acne and Blackheads. Softens, Soothes and Re-Conditions skin and hair. This is just a small list of skin and beard benefits that these oils offer.

The beard oil from WSP also soaks into your skin and beard quickly without leaving behind any greasy residue which is a very important key factor if I’m using it on a daily basis. If an oil leaves my hands greasy even after I wash them then I’m definitely not using it everyday and especially not twice a day. I turned the bottle upside down and with minimal pressure patted it into the palm of my hand 3-4 times collecting a small amount of oil. I quickly rubbed my hands together with a little friction heating up the oil and then working it into my beard and massaging it into the skin underneath my beard. I rinsed my hands off and then ran my beard comb through my whiskers a couple of times. I always start with the side of the comb that has the fine teeth and comb downward 2-3 times and then changing directions going upward with the same side of the comb for another 2-3 times. I then turn the comb around to the side with the larger spaced teeth and follow the same path. Next comes the beard brush. I brush my beard in a downward direction 2-3 times following up with the comb one more time  styling my beard.

I waited 30 seconds and then turned my attention to the beard balm. Along with the beard oil I received the three matching beard balm as well in 1 oz. aluminum tins. The beard balm from WSP is a light hold pomade that also serves as a leave in conditioner. With natural ingredients such as Shea Butter, Beeswax, Jojoba-Avocado-Apricot Kernel & Grapeseed Oil your beard will stay nice and soft with a healthy glow. One of my favorite ingredients that WSP uses to make all their balm is Beeswax. Beeswax has a number of benefits for your skin and beard. Beeswax gives balm its holding properties keeping those wild hairs at bay and looking stylish. Beeswax also helps keep your whiskers free and clear of dirt and grime that may otherwise cling to your beard. Last but not least Beeswax conditions and softens the skin underneath your beard preventing beard itch and the dreaded beard dandruff. Like I previously stated this beard balm is a light hold pomade so it’s very easy to work with. I pushed my thumbnail into the balm and ran it across the top gathering a small amount on the top of my nail. I then placed it in the palm of my hands and rubbed them together heating the balm up making it easier to spread. Next it was time to apply it to my whiskers. I started from the bottom of my beard and worked my way up running my hands throughout my beard. I also worked from the top to bottom on the outside of my beard making sure the balm was evenly distributed for maximum hold and styling power. The balm was soft and very easy to work with. It made the hair of my beard feel soft and well conditioned, I followed suite with my comb and brush in the same manner as with the beard oil. I styled my beard in the way I think it best represents my journey towards a Yeard.

Would I recommend WSP beard products to someone? Yes I would, I really like the products and how they feel when applied to my skin and beard. The beard oil and balm contain natural ingredients that are good for your body and the environment. They don’t contain any synthetic materials that irritate and dry out your skin. They are also vegan friendly and pet friendly as well. WSP products are all American made in-house and in small batches to ensure a top quality product every time. Last but not least I want to talk about packaging and presentation. WSP really does a fantastic job with presenting their product to you in nice and functional packaging. The oils all come in nice thick glass bottles and the balms all come in thick round aluminum tins. The labeling on the containers themselves have vibrant and rich coloring that are also waterproof so the coloring doesn’t run when it gets wet and believe me it will. I would never suggest buying a product solely on the way it’s packaged. It’s always nice when you have a great product with nice packaging as well. Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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