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I think there’s a common misconception when it comes to the importance of products for good skin and beard care. The male gender for the most part has always viewed the importance of skin care as more feminine rather than masculine. The truth is that no one is taking away your man card for practicing good skin care that also means good beard care as well. Practicing good skin care does not make you any less of a man if that’s what you afraid of. Some men focus a lot of attention into their daily appearance and own more personal care products than their female counter part. Some men spend lots of money on fashion to look their best everyday and they don’t let a hair go out-of-place. The idea of having hair any other place on their body other than their head would be a thought that keeps them up at night lying in a fetal position. Then there are the men that are the exact opposite of that. These men have the colors of blue-black and grey in their closet and 95% of their shirts are T-shirts, they don’t spend a lot of time critiquing their appearance simply because they don’t care. All men including myself fall somewhere within this gambit. If focusing on appearance is not in your daily must do’s there are still general maintenance duties you should be completing such as trimming your nails and nose hairs, combing your hair and beard, along with the normal stuff as well such as practicing good personal hygiene. I’m a huge advocate for beard care along with good skin care because it’s very important and the two go hand in hand. Keeping your skin under those precious whiskers of yours well hydrated and moisturized is a key factor to having a healthy looking and well-rounded beard. If your skin is dry and irritated you probably are not going to have a soft and luscious beard. It will probably look more dry and brittle.

There are many ways you can keep your facial hair looking its best without spending a lot of extra time in the bathroom. Oils and balms are at the heart of good beard care and should be utilized every day. I recently had the chance to review a number of beard balms and also a beard brush from the and I want to tell you that I was impressed with how their balms and brushes function on a day-to-day basis. Lets start with the beard balm. I received four 1 oz. round aluminum tins of  balm consisting of 4 different scents. The Cedarwood-Bamboo-Classic and Sandlewood scented beard balm all contain the same essential oils of Grape seed-Coconut-Argan-Jojoba and Rosemary Oil, Bees Wax and Shea Butter. These essential oils are anti-inflammatory, help prevent acne/blackheads, have retaining moisture properties for your skin, hydrates and cleans your face, rich with antioxidants, vitamin E, vitamin A, Omega-6 fatty acids, and linoleic acid, can make your hair/facial hair stronger/thicker/softer and shinier, can help with repairing split ends, prevent skin flaking and irritation. These natural oils have a lot of great skin care benefits that in turn directly affect your beard as well.

I also received along with the beard balm one black boar bristle beard brush. When you search beard brush images online you will see a multitude of different brushes. There are many different brands that carry their own oval-shaped brush sometimes with different hair options. Boar or horse hair are usually the two options you have occasionally you also have the synthetic hair option as well. I’m a boar hair bristle guy myself, I like the stiffness and how they feel on my beard. So I was in luck when I saw that the beard brush included with the balm was 100% boar hair. The handle of the brush is light weight, narrow rectangular shape with rounded ends. The narrower handle makes it easy to control the brush with one hand. The bristles don’t contain any added plastic, synthetic or nylon. Just good strong 100% boar hair making it easy to keep your beard detangled. The bristles have a contour shape giving them maximum contact with your skin and whiskers every time you use it.

I spent one week using all four samples of beard balm and the Rockymountainbarber signature beard brush. After I washed my beard and applied my choice of beard oil I waited for a minute or two before applying balm. The only difference in the balms is the aroma that the specific scent provided. Functionally speaking all four performed the same way. Therockymountainbarber beard balm is very soft and easy to manipulate. I gathered a small amount onto the back of my thumb nail by scraping the top with minimal pressure. A dime size portion is all you need to generously coat your beard without leaving behind any greasy residues. I rubbed the balm between the palms of my hands heating it up and then working it into my beard. I used my beard comb to work the balm into my whiskers first by combing my beard in an upward motion and then downward. The next step into my routine was using the brush. I brushed my beard from top to bottom in long strokes detangling my beard and distributing not only the balm but also the sebum produced from my skin throughout my beard. The contoured boar hair bristles massaged my face while making my beard look soft, healthy and vibrant. One thing specifically that I want to point out about the balm to you is how natural my beard looked during the day, it didn’t look weighted down by oil and balm, it looked very natural and felt soft. I had a great week with the products from the and I think you would feel the same way if you tried their products for yourself. Thanks for reading!


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