GrizzlyGrease Beard Balm

A Serious Balm For Your Beard With A Fruity Twist!

Balms, Balms and more balms! There are so many brands of beard balms that the choice of which one to buy can seem dauntless. The market is so saturated with beard care products that it may seem like they are all alike and it’s hard to find the right balm to suite your needs. The question is do you know exactly what your need is? Do you know what you are looking for in a balm or is this your first time using one? If you are new to the whole beard balm routine first of all let me tell you that’s it’s never to late to get started practicing good skin and beard care. A great beard involves great skin care and you don’t have to spend hours in the bathroom to accomplish this task. Fundamentally speaking a beard oil/balm helps to keep your skin and beard moisturized, soft, healthy and well managed and you can do this by spending a couple extra minutes everyday by applying these products in the morning or at night. I recently had a chance to try the ‘Fruit Ninja’ beard balm from for one week. My first impression of ‘Fruit Ninja’ was good. it was easy to use and had an abnormally good hold compared to some of the other balms I’ve used in the past.

Grizzly Grease is a small artisan company located in the great state of Texas meaning there products are made in smaller batches so they can ensure a top quality product for your beard every day of the week.Their beard products are 100% natural and handcrafted right here in the good old U.S.A and by the way, Grizzly Grease is also an all woman owned company. That’s right, an all woman owned company. I’m just going to assume that these woman are not rocking the beardsman lifestyle, so how do they make such a fantastic product? How do they get it right? They critique their products through listening to their customers along with trial and error which is needed to improve products produced by any company. Trial and error takes a good product and makes it into a better product and these proud Texan woman are serving the bearded gentleman of this great country with products that keep your skin smooth and well hydrated which in turn also promotes good beard care.

I previously stated that I spent one week with their ‘fruit Ninja’ beard balm. The Babasu-Coconut-Argan-Jojoba and Vitamin E Oil along with the Shea Butter and Beeswax have a multitude of skin and beard care benefits that include hydrating and increased hydration soothing dry-irritated and inflamed patches of skin, possesses anti-inflammatory-microbrial and fungal properties, softens your beard, helps increase your skins elasticity and plasticity fighting the early signs of aging, helps to fight common skin disorders such as acne-eczema and psoriasis, helps keep the pores of your skin free and clear of excessive oil and dead skin cells increasing the chances of beard growth, helps stop the dreaded beard itch and beardruff. These are just a handful of benefits that these natural ingredients provide for your skin and beard. ‘Beeswax’ is one of the ingredients that the ‘Fruit Ninja’ contains that I love the most. ‘Beeswax’ provides a protective layer around your skin but wont clog your pores. Beeswax also provides a protective layer around the strands of hair preventing build up of dust and debri from past products. Beeswax also provides balm with a lot of holding power to help shape and style your beard while managing it all day.

I used the ‘Fruit Ninja’ twice a day, once in the morning before I went to work, and then again in the evening. I pressed my finger into the top of the balm and gently but firmly pressed down and dragged my finger across the top gathering a small amount of balm on the tip of my finger. The ‘Fruit Ninja’ was easy to retrieve out of the round tin it came packed in and it was also very pliable. I rubbed the balm between the palms of my hands and with a little friction it quickly softened and was ready to work into my beard. I ran my fingers through my beard starting from underneath and then from the top to the bottom on the outside of my beard. The balm felt soft and light but I could tell right away that it had an abnormally holding power compared to most balms. The next step was my wooden beard comb. I started the same way as I did with the balm. I combed my beard from underneath in an upward direction going from one side to the other, then in a downward motion on the outside of my beard thoroughly working the balm in and coating my whiskers. Last but not least I finished with my boars hair beard brush. following suite with how I used my comb I started from underneath and brushed upward from one side to the next and then completed the same process on the outside of my beard brushing it downward.

I use moustache wax and once it’s set I also add a little beard oil and balm on top of that for a little extra hold. The Bergamot-Zesty Mandarin-Cardamom and Sandalwood essential oils create a fruity aroma that’s very subtle but present all day long. It’s a great smell, even if your sensitive to fragrances this aroma is only there if you want it to be. If I wanted to smell the ‘Fruit Ninja’ scent on my moustache I had to really take a deep breathe through my nose. That’s the only way I could smell it. Overall I really enjoyed using the ‘Fruit Ninja’ from and I know you would to if you tried it for yourself. The ease of use, abnormally holding power along with the small proportion size needed to manage your beard all day is more than enough to turn this balm into my everyday driver for beard care. The pleasant and subtle fruity aroma this balm creates is just the icing on the cake! Oh yea and did I mention it’s an all woman owned company and brand? I did? well let me just tell you one more time because this is something important you should know. is an all woman ran company and brand! Thanks for reading.


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