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Ok so I’m going to ask you a question and it may or may not be to personal to answer. What is your current beard care routine and when do you practice it? There I asked, so now as an act of good faith I’m going to tell you my current beard care practice and when I practice this ritual. My current routine of beard care is always in the morning before I go to work and then in the evening after I shower. I decided on this before I started on my journey to a #Yeard. In case you don’t know what a #Yeard is its growing your beard for a year without cutting it. Some men trim it before then, the only trimming I did was on my moustache and that was a mistake! not because it looked funny, but because I think a longer moustache will make my beard look fuller. In the evening I wash my beard and then apply a lesser amount of beard oil/balm mainly for conditioning my beard, or I just apply a beard moisturizer and then oil and leave the balm out. Why leave the balm out? when I’m home and not leaving the house until the next day I can be a little more relaxed with how my beard looks and I don’t feel as though I need to manage it as much, but that’s just my opinion. No matter what your past, current or even future beard care regimen and routine will consist of the most important thing is that you are just doing it. I can’t stress enough the importance of good skin care is and how it affects the growth and overall look of your beard.

When I shaved my head and face, the last couple of years I really focused on using shaving products that were all natural and also contained essential oils. Now that I’ve switched gears and put down the razor for good it’s only fitting that I practice the same quality skin and beard care with different products. I’ve tried a lot of different products in my time and sometimes they all seem the same. The products are good, don’t get me wrong but some all seem to fit into the same category. Then sometimes you find a product that is different and you like right away. That’s exactly what happened when I had the chance to try the ‘Elevation & The Woodsman’ beard oil from Elevationbeardoil.com. First let me tell you that I’ve chatted with the owner over the phone and He’s 100% committed to offering each customer a quality product that delivers the best beard care you can get from a beard oil. That’s why his oil is hand crafted in small batches to monitor and critique each batch to ensure a top quality oil every time. The Elevation beard oil team uses a mixture of 100% all natural oils and judging by the ‘Elevation & The Woodsman’ oils I would have to say that they found the perfect blend. I’ve read a lot of good things about their oils so naturally I jumped at the chance to try them.

Once the bottles of oil arrived I was eager to get started. Elevation beard oil packages all of their oils in Boston Round Amber recycled PET bottles. The reason for the Amber color of the bottle is to keep the integrity of the natural oils inside the bottle from breaking down due to direct exposure to light. I love the fact that they are recycled bottles. I believe in recycling and saving our planet any way we can. The bottles also come with pump style lids which I’m also a big fan of, they create less mess and I can be more frugal with the amount of beard oil I’m using every day. The Elevation team has thought of everything especially labeling. The ink on the labels won’t smear if you get beard oil or water on them. I like that, it may be small but it’s a big plus. Functionally speaking the ‘Elevation & The Woodsman’ oil are pretty much the same other than the essential oils mixed together to create a certain aroma. Both oils are infused with ‘Vitamin E-Jojoba and Sweet Almond Oil’ These three oils offer a lot of skin and beard care benefits such as soften and moisturize your skin and whiskers, keep the pores of your skin free from debris which also helps stimulate beard growth. These three natural ingredients also help with skin disorders such as Acne-Eczema and psoriasis. Last but not least they can also ease the discomfort of beard itch.

The ‘Elevation’ oil is their flagship oil and is where it all started. The natural oils of laurus nobilis, citrus aurantifolia, cinnamomum burmanii, and vanilla planifolia create their own take on the most beloved traditional Bay Rum. The ‘Woodsman’ uses natural oils of abies sibirica, pogostemon cablin, and santalum album for that Dark Patchouli and Sandalwood scent that also compliments the fir needle aroma that you will love the first time you use it. I couldn’t decide which one to use first because I love both scents so I decided to go with their flagship oil the ‘Elevation’. The next day I used ‘The Woodsman’ and every other day for a week I switched between the two oils. What I like most about both oils is how they feel in my beard. Neither oils are heavy or leave a greasy residue. In fact they feel very light on my hands and in my whiskers. Both oils soak into your skin quickly and leave behind a faint aroma that just smells natural. I also like the pump style lid because I have very heavy hands so if I have to pour the oil into my hands I always use too much and waste a lot of it when I wash my hands. One pump is all I needed to generously coat my beard and keep my skin moisturized which is exactly what I want to happen. After a few seconds the oil soaked into my skin leaving my beard feeling soft and light not hard and stiff.

I follow the same beard comb/brush routine everyday it works for me and only takes a couple of minutes to complete. I made no exception during the week I spent with both the ‘Elevation & The Woodsman’ beard oil. After I applied the beard oil and waited a few seconds for it to work its magic I started either on the right or left side of my beard combing downward through my whiskers working from one side to the next. The next step is combing from underneath. Starting from the left or right side I combed my whiskers in an upward direction continuing to thoroughly work the oil into my skin and beard. I finished with one quick downward stroke bringing my beard back to a resting neutral position. After I was finished with my wooden beard comb I turned to my boar hair bristle brush following the same routine. I started from the left or right side of my beard and brushed downward with full even strokes working my way over to the other side. Then I brushed from underneath my beard in an upward position from one side to the next continuing to spread the oil evenly through my whiskers. Then one more time on the outside of my beard in the downward direction to once again bring it back to a neutral resting position. Last but not least I styled my beard the way I wanted to with my pocket comb that I carry everyday for a quick comb through if needed.

The week I spent with the beard oils from Elevationbeardoil.com was a good week. What I noticed right away is how soft my beard felt. The oils didn’t weight my beard down or leave a greasy residue behind. Both oils created a pleasant aroma that was very faint and subtle lasting all day. The fact that their oils are 100% natural is just one more reason you should try their product right away. I had a great time with the ‘Elevation & The Woodsman’ beard oil from Elevationbeardoil.com and I look forward to the day that the Elevation beard oil team offers a balm to compliment their oil as well. I’m sure it will be just as good as their oils. Thanks for reading!


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