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‘Ravn Rom’

The Vikings were an origin of people from (793-1066 AD) coming from Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The name ‘Viking’ is from the ‘Old Norse’ language meaning ‘A Pirates raid’. The media including Hollywood has stereotyped Vikings into something that’s not necessarily true to how they really were. When we think of Vikings we picture big burly men that are unkept and uncivilized. We also picture Vikings to be savage and brutal during warfare but new study suggests that Vikings may have been more civilized with a complicated social structure than what we thought. I’m sure there were a certain percentage of men that did fit the stereotypical image of the Viking that we have come to know and love but you could also say the same thing about some of the men in today’s society. For the most part Vikings were of normal size height and stature but also seasoned to the elements. The Vikings were a lot of things as well as pioneers and did not have the creature comforts of what we have today. They learned to survive in extreme conditions. After a while I’m sure there was a certain level of comfort the Vikings had living in these natural elements no matter what the conditions were. In one way I wish I was cut from the same cloth as the Vikings. Over the decades our society has become accustomed to many creature comforts that in one way has weakened us to a state that if we lost such things as electricity and technology there would definitely be a thinning of the heard. We don’t know how to survive in certain conditions. What do you think would happen if one day we woke up and grocery stores and all restaurants were a thing of the past? We could learn how to farm but many would starve to death in the process.

One of the many things that we now know about Vikings is that they had personal grooming tools and made a very strong soap that they used for bathing once a week and to bleach their hair blond. One of the personal grooming tools that they had was a hair and beard comb usually made of bone to last a lot longer than combs made of wood. Even the Vikings knew the importance of good beard care. I recently to tried a couple of beard products from even though they are from the U.S.A they have strong Norse roots that they honor and pay homage to through their website and the products they sell. I received the ‘Ravn Rom’ beard shampoo, oil, balm and beard comb through the mail to review. The Bergamot and Lime scented ‘Ravn Rom’ beard wash came packaged in a darkly tinted 8.0 Fl oz bottle to preserve the integrity of the natural ingredients found inside the bottle. This sulfate and paraben free beard wash offers a cleaning and conditioning experience all in one. Perfectly balanced for your skins PH the natural conditioners help prevent stripping your beard of its natural oils. The B5 provitamin found in this beard wash helps improve the elasticity and softness of your whiskers while helping to prevent breakage.

The ‘Ravn Rom’ beard oil came in a 2 oz. amber tinted glass bottle with a pump spray type lid. The amber tinted glass preserves the integrity of the 8 nutrient rich base oils consisting of Sweet Almond-Apricot Kernel-Argan-Jojoba-Avocado-Hempseed-Grapeseed and Vitamin E Oil. These natural oils have a lot of skin and beard care benefits such as helping to keep your skin cells healthy, help firm and tone your skin slowing down the aging process, protects your skin from UV radiation damage, helps your skin look smooth, soft and free of fine lines, helps your skin retain moisture/soften dry patches and can help heal chapped/irritated skin. These natural oils can also help reduce acne and are also anti-inflammatory. These are just a small example of all the benefits the natural oils offer your skin. The bergamot and Lime essential oils combined with a unique blend of bay essentials help produce a Bay rum/barbershop aroma that you’re gonna love every time you use it.

The ‘Ravn Rom’ beard balm came packaged in a round heavy-duty 2 oz. plastic tube that feels substantial in the palm of your hand. The oil and balm contain a lot of the same nutrient rich base oils such as Sweet Almond-Apricot Kernel-Pumpkinseed-Avocado-Grapeseed-Jojoba and Vitamin E Oil so the benefits are pretty much the same. The balm being a thicker consistency than the oil contains Cocoa Butter that is high in fatty acids. The fat in Cocoa Butter forms a protective barrier holding in moisture nourishing the skin helping to improve elasticity, smooth scars and wrinkles. Beeswax is one ingredient found in almost every beard balm on the market today. There’s a good reason for that, Beeswax is what gives the balm its holding properties. The more Beeswax a balm contains the more holding power there will be. Beeswax also helps moisturize and nourish skin as well.

Last but not least I also received one of their stainless steel beard combs that can also be used for the hair on top of your head as well. These aren’t just any run of the mill beard combs. If Vikings could carry these combs around with them they would but since that’s not a possibility you can always carry one of these and feel like a Viking at the same time. There are three styles to choose from depending on the length of your beard. Starting with #1 for the short beard and hair, #2 for medium length beard and hair and #3 for thick hair and beards. The bigger the number the wider the teeth spacing to accommodate the length of hair and beard. The comb is cut as one piece with wooden padding on both sides of the handle for comfortable grip. There is a cut out at the top of the handle for a finger placement to help control the comb during use. This is definitely a comb that will raise interest whenever you pull it out of your pocket for on the go Beard care.

I’m a firm believer in good beard care. I think it’s just a natural part of practicing good hygiene. Recently my routine has changed compared to what I followed before. In the past I’ve used beard oil/balm both at night and in the morning but now I use the full monty in the morning and in the evening just oil in my beard after I get out of the shower. I changed my routine over all to save time. Even though I’m not using balm  in the evening I’m still moisturizing my beard I just don’t need as much control. If I’m home not going any were for the evening my beard can just roam free so to speak. In the morning before I go to work is the time when I need the most control. I started off with the ‘Ravn Rom’ beard wash. I saturated my beard and squeezed a dime size portion into the palm of my hands. The Bay rum, Bergamot and Lime Scent created a lite and pleasant aroma first thing in the morning. I lightly massaged the wash into my whiskers creating a thick and rich lather right away. I could feel the beard wash conditioning my skin and whiskers as I was using it. I rinsed my beard lightly towel drying and waited a couple of minutes before adding oil. My beard felt very soft and clean and it only took a couple of minutes to get the job done.

I believe that less is more when it comes down to oil and balm. My beard is a little thin so I only need 2-3 drops of oil. One of the things I like the most about the ‘Ravn Rom’ beard oil is the spray type lid. One little spray into the palm of my hand was enough to lightly coat my beard. The whiskers of my beard soaked up the ‘Ravn Rom’ beard oil quickly. I combed down through my beard starting from the right side working my way to the left side and then completed the same process starting from underneath in an upward position and then once again in a downward direction bringing my beard back into a neutral resting position. The ‘Ravn Rom’ oil left my beard feeling soft and smooth without any greasy residue left over. After I finished with the oil I waited a few minutes before applying the balm to let the oil really work its magic on my skin and whiskers. Once the oil was all soaked in I turned my attention to the balm. I scraped a pea sized amount out of the container it came in and placed it into the palm of my hands. With just applying a little bit of friction while rubbing my hands together the balm quickly liquified and was ready to go. I gently worked the balm into my whiskers and the skin underneath with my fingers. The balm felt light but also created a firm hold that helped manage my beard and moustache all day.

I follow the same beard brush and comb routine every day. Once I apply the beard oil I comb it through my whiskers in a downward direction starting from the right or left side and work my way over to the other side. Then I repeat the process starting from underneath in an upward direction from one side to the next and then one last time in a downward direction to return my beard back into a neutral position. I follow the same process with my brush and then one last time with my comb again styling it the way I want to. The stainless steel beard comb from performed well with no pulling or snagging my whiskers. I carried this comb around for one week, it fit comfortably in the front pocket of my pants with no issues what so ever. Would I suggest mad Viking beard products to other beardsman? Absolutely! Thanks for reading!


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