LylacHandmade Beard and Moustache Combs

Grooming Tools For Every Beardsman!

When you think about beard care do you think about grooming tools as well? If your answer is no my question is why not? Do you need grooming tools? specifically beard and moustache combs and brushes? Actually you don’t, but your facial hair will love you for using them. There are a lot of articles online containing all kinds of tips and information on the best beard and moustache combs/brushes to use. I read a lot of articles that warn the use of plastic combs and brushes that are made from a mold. The typical mass-produced plastic comb comes from a mold that also leaves little jagged plastic edges that are hard to see just by looking at the comb. These little jagged edges are what cause the comb to pull and tug on those whiskers. Theses small jagged edges also contribute to breakage-split ends and ingrown beard hair. A wooden comb is one of the best options you can choose from. A wooden beard comb has a smooth finish creating a better glide through your beard compared to plastic combs, a wooden comb helps decrease static cling build up during use, wooden combs help distribute natural oils from your skin evenly starting from the shaft to the tip of each whisker. A Wooden beard combs also soaks up excess beard oil and balm and gives the comb a pleasant aroma. You can pretty much buy a beard comb made from any type of wood. A wooden beard comb is very sustainable and can last you a lifetime as long as you take care of it. Keeping your wooden comb clean is very easy and only takes a little water to clean it. I advise you not to use soap when cleaning your comb since the soap will strip any oil build up on the comb.

I recently had a chance to try the Neem wood beard and moustache comb set from LylacHandmade on Etsy. Pragati Goel the shop owner, born and raised in India has always been intrigued by her culture. She’s a bohemian by heart and soul with a love for natural fabric, stones and wood. Pragati arrived in the United States in 2012 and quickly realized that there were many more people who shared the same love for her country and the culture that surrounded it. She started her Etsy shop in 2017 with handmade Neem wood combs. She added ethnic jewelry and artifacts like boho jewelry similar to the kind she wore back home. All of her articles come from the northern region of India. They come from small and family owned businesses that always believe in quality over quantity. The beard and moustache comb are handmade from Neem wood. Neem wood has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that may help control and eliminate dandruff. Using a wooden comb 2-3 times a day may also increase circulation to your scalp promoting healthy skin and hair growth. Each one of these wooden combs are made by hand by a sustainable method meaning no trees were killed during the process of making these combs. All the wood used comes from trees that have already fallen. These Neem wooden beard and moustache combs also come with their own handmade pouch made of biodegradable material. The pouches have the ‘Grizzly Grooming’ Company logo embroidered on the front.

I used both the beard and moustache comb for one week. The beard comb is obviously bigger than the moustache comb but either one can be used for both. The combs are lightweight and pocket friendly, the fabric pouches are perfect for protecting which ever comb you have in your pocket from nicks and scratches caused by the other items in the same pocket at the same time as your comb. These combs have a great natural woodsy aroma that’s pleasing every time you use them to comb either your beard or moustache. I carried both combs in my pocket everyday. I forgot they were even there most of the time because of how lightweight they are. If you are like me I comb through my beard and moustache every time I use the restroom and I drink a lot of water so I’m using the bathroom a lot. These combs worked great for detangling those little knots you find in your beard throughout the day. Both these combs are also very sturdy, I’ve dropped both these combs numerous times and both have survived. I had a great week with both the moustache and beard comb from LylacHandmade and I know you would too if you decide to try them. Thanks for reading!


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