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When you think of beard care what are your everyday thoughts? Do you think about individual products or do you think about it as a whole? In my opinion, there are several parts of beard care that you should think about. What product are you going to use and at what times are you going to use them is an important part of what should be your beard care regime. Will you use an oil/balm combo in the morning or at night? How are you going to moisturize and hydrate your skin and whiskers and when? I know………I know, questions right? all these questions to answer and do you feel that it’s all worth it? I can tell you that the answer to is it important is yes! It’s very important. What if I told you, you can hydrate and moisturize your beard at the same time while practicing your beard care regime at the same time would the urge to practice good beard care become more important to you? I hope your answer is yes. Good beard care is very important for several reasons. First, before I go any further let me clear one thing up for you, good beard care is also good skin care because the same products you use for keeping your beard healthy and soft also works at skin level. If your beard is properly hydrated then so is your skin. A healthy looking beard reflects how you take care of your skin and vice versa.

Like I previously stated, good beard care is very important. The products that you choose directly impacts the state of your skin and beard. Products that are made with all natural oils and butters not only keeps your whiskers healthy but also keep your skin moisturized and hydrated. These products that contain natural ingredients also have many other benefits that I will talk about soon. Products that don’t use natural oils and butters use chemicals that are bad for you and cause irritation, dry skin and brittle hair. Am I saying to throw out all your products that are not all natural? No, absolutely not, all I’m saying is just be aware of what you are using and do your research on your products. When shopping, if an ingredient doesn’t look familiar to you google it and find out what it is before buying that product. Be aware of what you are using or going to be using. There are many different products available specifically made for taking special care of that beard you are proudly growing. Oils help hydrate and moisturize your beard while a balm tames your whiskers keeping them in place through the use of beeswax. Balm also helps with hydration/moisturization and can contain the same natural ingredients found in beard oils as well. If your beard is on the longer side you have to be careful with how much beard balm you use. The bee’s wax found in balm gives it its holding power and too much balm could leave your beard feeling hard and stiff. Beard balm is best utilized for shorter beards to keep them in place. Beard butter mainly serves as a deep conditioner for your beard while still providing a light to medium hold without leaving your beard feeling hard or crunchy.

A while back I had the privilege of reviewing the Woodsman Blend Beard Butter from, The Woodsman beard butter is their signature butter and the one that started it all down the path of bearded glory. The Bearded Republic offers several different beard butters with one thing in common, all the butters are made with all natural ingredients so no matter which one you choose you are working on skin and beard care at the same time. The Bearded Republic’s mission is pretty simple but very meaningful and important. First they want to keep your beard healthy and manly by offering products that are made by all natural oils and butters. They want your beard to flourish and look its best every day so when you walk into a room your beard gets noticed right away and becomes a beard every man wants sending you down the path of bearded glory that you want and deserve. Shea butter, Coconut-Almond-Jojoba & Essential oils have many different skin and beard care benefits such as a lot of fatty acids and vitamins making them great for softening skin, has anti-inflammatory and healing properties, Can condition-tone and soothe dry-cracked skin, Can help with smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles fighting the early signs of aging, packed with vitamin E which helps protect and heal sun damage, acts as an emollient soothing skin and unclogging pores helping stimulate new hair growth, can also help control the rate at which the glands in your skin produce sebum improving excessive oily skin, can help accelerate wound healing and treat scars, can fight harmful bacteria that causes acne and black heads, can help treat psoriasis and eczema, can tame frizz, add shine, help control dandruff. Over all these natural oils and butters contain no additives that may irritate your skin.

Since beard butter is a deep conditioner and has a light to medium hold but does not leave your beard stiff or crunchy I decided to use it twice a day. Once in the morning with my regular beard care routine and then again in the evening before I went to bed for the night to get the full benefit of deep conditioning. The Woodsman beard butter came packaged in a 2 oz. round aluminum tin. The butter has a soft consistency that makes it easy to retrieve right out of the container. I just lightly pressed my finger into the top of the butter while skimming it across the surface claiming a dime size portion on my thumb nail. I then transferred the butter into the palms of my hands. I started to rub them together and with a little friction turned the already softened butter into more of a liquid state making it easy to work into my whiskers. I waited a few seconds and then used my beard comb and brush to finish distributing the butter evenly into my beard. The Cedar wood essential oils used to scent the butter created a nice woodsy aroma that lightly lingers for a long time but is also very mild and pleasant. My wife is very sensitive to strong scents and aromas. She commented on how subtle and light the aroma was. That means wife approved which is very important to me! After using the butter at night I woke up with a soft and healthier beard the next morning. Then I rinsed my beard out with warm water, patted it dry and continued with my normal beard care routine before heading off to work. I was really pleased with how the Woodsman butter made my beard feel and I also felt confident in knowing the long-term skin and beard care benefits it offered through all the natural oils and butters used to make the Woodsman Beard Butter. Did I mention that it’s also proudly made in the USA? That’s just icing on the cake!

One more thing to add as a side note. The also partners with ZOE Ministries to try and end all sex trafficking in the US and all over the world. 12% of their net profit is directly donated to ZOE Ministries to help assist them in the fight against sex trafficking. The human race as a whole can accomplish great things, we can be polite-compassionate & forgiving. We can eradicate disease and cure illness. We can do all these extraordinary things but yet we still have these atrocities such as sex trafficking that lurks in the deepest and darkest depths of humanity. ZOE fights against child trafficking through human trafficking campaigns and other sources. I could go on and on but you can find a link to what exactly ZOE ministries does and how they do it under the mission link found at the top of the website. A great butter with so many skin and beard care benefits from a brand that partners with a ministry that works very hard at keeping our own children and children of the world safe! would I recommend the Woodsman Beard Butter from the to another beardsman? You bet your sweet bippy I would! Thanks for reading!

-Jon Wogoman-

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