WSP Beard Products

American Made Products for The American Beardsman Wet Shaving Products or WSP for short is an all American company that’s completely in-house. When I say in-house I’m talking the full monty from research and developing each product to manufacturing and packaging. WSP does it all in small handcrafted batches to ensure a top quality product every time. When I was shaving I used quite a … Continue reading WSP Beard Products

The Mod Cabin Beard Products

All Natural and Handcrafted Products For Your Beard When I decided to re-brand myself as a beardsman I also decided I wanted to review more all natural beard products. Granted, I will also review products that are not all natural as well. I love trying new products, It’s the thrill of the unknown that I’m addicted to. The unknown variables that decide whether or not … Continue reading The Mod Cabin Beard Products

CremoCreme Beard Products

Cremo Loves all Beards I’m new to being a Beardsmen. When I mean I’m new, I mean I’m very new less than 6 months new. When I started this website I was new to blogging and social media but I had at least 15 years of experience being Bald by choice. That’s 15 years of critiquing the art of head shaving and trying countless products … Continue reading CremoCreme Beard Products